NEW Store Release - Digital Seductions + Contest Winners!

  • Today is an exciting day as Digital Seductions as become the latest vendors to join the Affect3D Store! To kick things off, we're adding their subscription service to the store and you can sign up for it starting today!


    That's a lot to love with Digital Seductions. Featuring 3 distinct sites that will satisfy any and all porn tastes. Do you enjoy sex in the purest form? Then you'll love World Of Peach, a site dedicated to softcore pinups with sex that's sweet yet hot to the touch! Maybe you want something a little more depraved? Then Sodom Sluts is just for you! Featuring kinky stuff like sex-craving nuns, pregnant girls and hot dickgirl action, Sodom Slut will definitely fill that fix. But just in case you want something more extreme, Tales of Pleasure has got you covered. This BDSM-themed site will surely get your blood pumping with its array of fantasy and bondage-filled dreams.

    1_Promo2_1280x720px 1_Promo4alt_1280x720px 1_Promo3alt_1280x720px

    Featuring tons of awesome 3DX content, Digital Seductions is truly an amazing network of sites that's sure to please anyone. And that's why we're offering it in the Affect3D Store! You can signup for Digital Seductions for as low as $9.99 per month! That's 3 high-quality sites for one low price! So what are you waiting for? Sign up today!

    Join Now Digital Seductions starting as low as $9.99 a month over at the Affect3D Store!

    Digital Seductions Giveaway Contest Winners

    Now it's times to give away two three-month subscriptions to Digital Seductions! We want to thank everyone who participated, but we like to congratulate Sean and Liyka as the winners! To redeem your prize, contact [email protected] and you'll receive your prize! Thanks again!

    But Wait! There's More!

    Last chance to win $20 store credit for 3 Digital Seductions subscribers!

    If you didn't win the free subscription, you still have the chance to win a $20 store credit for the Affect3D Store. Simply subscribe to Digital Seductions via the link below before October 20th @midnight. Make sure to follow the instructions below:

    1. Subscribe to Digital Seductions via this link.

    2. Fill out the form below (make sure the email used matches both your Affect3D Store account and Digital Seductions account): Contest is closed. Winners will be announced shortly.

    3. 3 winners will be randomly selected and receive a $20 store credit for the Affect3D Store!
      Check out the front page post NEW Store Release - Digital Seductions + Contest Winners!

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