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  • It's hard to say since most of the ones I'd actually rewatch are more like action movies than horror movies.

    For instance, Blade, I've rewatched several times and it's classified as an action + horror but honestly it isn't really what you'd call a scary movie. Then again I'm so desensitized nowadays that it's hard to even tell what are scary movies.

    The Chucky movies are a pretty good batch of classics.

  • "Mothman Prophecies" scarred the shit out of me. Maybe orginal "Ringu", back in 90s, but since it was so long ago, I can't recall how genuine was the "fear" and how much it was just a product of "asiaphilia" of that time. I know that recently new wave of french extreme is really popular, but having seen two of most discussed films - "frontiers" and "martyrs" I can't recommend either. First one is just bad movie, other is pretentious crap, being nothing else than torture porn (but posing as something much, much better).

    Since it's first post, hello everyone.

  • I am a fan of the classics, Dracula, Frankenstein, Mummy, and many more. B&W is where it was at, kinda miss films being made that way. Newer stuff is alright, but classic is where its at.

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  • its not my favorite genre & i am definitly not up to date but i remember watching Amityville when i was a young boy and it did make an impression !
    i havent watched it since so its only a kids memory talking :)

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