Steps To Connect Canon Pixma MG 3620 Printer to Wifi

  • The first step for how to connect mg 3620 printer to wifi is to open settings and then press community settings.

    The next step is to choose a wireless set up wizards after which the printer will begin finding networks.

    Now from that choose your wifi and input your password.

    The next step is that now your printer receives connected to your community.

    For connecting by using the use of wifi included set up (WPS) for the procedure of how to connect canon mg3620 printer to wifi.

    The next step is on the modem press the WPS button for a few seconds. Press the WPS button of the printer as properly and your printer will robotically find your network and receives related to it.

    For connecting via wifi you need to set up for simply press the printers WPS button, till the modem light is switched on.

    For connecting via the set-up wizard, in the beginning, connect the printer to the pc thru a CD. Open the set-up wizard and choose “join vis Wi-Fi”. Just enter the name and password and your set up is finished.

    Hence we hope that the steps above will help you how to connect the canon pixma mg 3620 printer to wifi. In case still have issues then get in touch with us we are happy to assist.

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