Coming Soon To Affect3D Store: Digital Seductions + Free Giveaway Contest!

  • We're excited to announce that Digital Seductions will be bringing their subscription service to the Affect3D Store this coming Saturday! Digital Seductions have created some of the hottest works in 3DX and you'll be able to get access to their network of sites, which includes:

    • World of Peach - Pure joy of sex, celebrating the beauty of a human body. Featuring only the most beautiful, painstakingly crafted digital girls in both softcore and hardcore scenarios.

    • Sodom Sluts - Aesthetically over-the-top, focused mostly on fetish-related themes. Daring and controversial, often challenging social and cultural taboos. Not for the easily offended!

    • Tales of Pleasure - BDSM-centered, dark and sublime with a hint of fantasy. Expressing belief that pain and pleasure make a perfect mixture.

    The crew over at Affect3D are very excited about this new addition. But we wanna up the ante for this release. That's why we give you the chance to get yourself a free three-month subscription to the Digital Seductions Network! Here's how!

    How To Enter/Rules

    In the comments section below, answer the following question: What is your favorite fetish and why? All you have to do is answer the question to enter. It’s that simple! But you don’t wanna wait too long! This contest ends on Friday @midnight with the winners announced on the Digital Seductions store release post! So act fast!

    The rules are you must answer the question in your post and you must have a valid Affect3D Store account. The required email for your post should be the email used to sign up for an account. If you haven’t signed up yet, register here before Saturday. Registration is free to signup for a store account.

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    2 Free Three-Month Subscriptions to Digital Seductions

    Two winners will be randomly chosen by the Affect3D Staff and receive a three-month subscription to Digital Seduction on the house!

    Enter the contest by answering the question: What is your favorite fetish and why? And don’t forget to check out Digital Seductions this Saturday at the Affect3D Store!

    Check out the front page post Coming Soon To Affect3D Store: Digital Seductions + Free Giveaway Contest!

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