Steps To Connect Canon MG 2520 Printer To Wifi

  • The first step for how do I connect my canon mg2520 printer to wifi is to make sure that the printer becomes on.

    The next step is to press & hold the wifi button of the printer until the alarm lamp flashes as soon as.

    Now you need to make sure that the lamp subsequent to this button starts offevolved to flash blue after which go to your get right of entry to point and press the wps button inside 2 minutes.

    For specific details on beginning WPS in your get entry to factor, please check with the guide for the process of how do I connect my canon mg2520 printer to wifi.

    The (blue) Wi-Fi lamp on the printer will hold flashing at the same time as looking, and the electricity and Wi-Fi lamp will flash when connecting to the access factor.

    When the printer has effectively made a connection to your wireless community, the energy and Wi-Fi lamp will stop flashing and continue to be lit.

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