Leadership and Values

  • First of all, it is necessary to emphasize that this situation is rather dubious. In fact, it is hard to trust a political candidate who is known for abusing alcohol. The main reason is that alcohol addiction causes many psychological problems. Such people are not able to adequately react to certain situations and they have frequent mood swings. Thus, electorate would always expect some scandal from this politician. In addition, a political candidate is representing people, and he should show an example of moral behavior of a true citizen. In addition, some people suppose that divorce is also an indicator of problems with socialization.
    Nevertheless, it is just a stereotype, because marriage is a very complex process, which depends on various individual factors. Another “wrongful” factor is that this candidate is known for being sexually promiscuous. Thus, electorate would always judge him on his behavior. In fact, it is very important to divide private from public life. Private life should not be in the limelight.
    Politicians should especially be careful about revealing only positive information about them. The reason is that elections are very unpredictable, and there are many diverse factors which influence people. For examples, some voters would cast a vote for a good-looking candidate, while the others for the candidate who is a good speaker and promises good reforms. Therefore, the fact that this candidate does not have moral behavior can seriously impact his success in elections.
    At the same time, there are many positive factors in this situation, one of which is the candidate’s good collaboration with voters. For instance, he agrees on different issues which are important for them. In fact, followers always need to have strong conviction that their leader is sharing the same values with them. Whatever “true leadership” means, most people would agree that at a minimum it would be characterized by a high degree of trust between the leader and followers. Thus, this politician showed that he is dedicated to his voters and is ready to satisfy their needs. It was an important political decision, because values play an important role in our life. Thus, we usually trust those people who share the same values.
    Moreover, despite the fact that his behavior may be immoral, he is a professional politician. He is quite competent, which shows his ability to resolve diverse political issues. The candidate who possesses knowledge will always be able to convince his voters as well as other politicians that he is right.
    Lastly, the candidate is using many moral principles. By being honest with his electorate, he implements the principle of honesty, and by listening to voter’s opinions, he implements the principle of the right of expression. Having all things considered, although the candidate has some moral issues in his private life, he has a good political strategy, which can convince many voters to vote for him.
    First of all, ethical stand usually varies from culture to culture. Some types of behavior can be acceptable in some societies and be completely inappropriate in the others. Nevertheless, ethical stand is always based on some universal moral values, and it is accepted by public. Politics is a serious responsibility, because politicians are representing the society. That is why their behavior should always be ethical, because it can affect their political image. In fact, this candidate is quite honest and promotes effective communication with his electorate. Therefore, in terms of his performance as a politician his behavior is ethical.
    However, it should be stressed that he has unethical behavior in his private life. For example, he is abusing alcohol and does not have a wife. These characteristics of his life can seriously affect his political career. Nevertheless, while choosing political representative, it is better to pay attention to his professional qualities rather than private.
    People are easily influenced by strong leaders. Good and charismatic leaders can convince people even to change their views. Nevertheless, it is not easy to take the opposite stance just in order to follow your leader’s views. Such decision is always caused by some stressors, such as losing a job or losing trust in someone you value. For instance, according to Theory X, some managers with this orientation heavily rely on coercive, external control methods to motivate workers such as pay, disciplinary techniques, punishments, and threats. That is why some workers, for whom their job is highly important, are changing their ethical values such as respect and dignity in order to preserve their work. In addition, there are situations when there is no other way but to change your values. For example, in case of war, some people are forced to listen to their political leaders, become soldiers and fight despite their values.
    Nevertheless, if leaders are trusted and if they are able to inspire others, their followers would agree to change their values. In addition, we also tend to trust leaders who demonstrate empathy with us, who show that they understand the world as we see and experience it. That is why some people realize that they need to change their stance, because their leader is more competent.
    I would be willing to take the opposite stand only in case if this decision influenced something very important. For example, if I understood that if I will not take this position, someone would suffer. At the same time, it is important to stress that every day our values are shaped by many social factors. For instance, mass media and advertisements are not only attracting our attention but sometimes make us change our views toward particular products.
    In addition, education can also seriously change our values. In any school, professors are leaders who are revealing new things and make us not only develop but change our stands. There is another important factor which has a serious impact on our values and it is age. Growing older we do not only gain new experience but also develop new values. Moreover, people who surround us every day always influence our views. For example, our friends and family are also defining our views and characters.

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