How to reset cash app pin

  • At any point you are struck how to reset cash app pin and you want someone to assist you then you can simply contact cash app customer service.

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  • @Epoch, It could be a tiled surface and not actually bricks, just saying. Is it weird that I also recognized the character morphs/textures. That Elena character is a good one though.

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  • Looks like Mihrelle's Elena character (, the ScarJo clone that Blackadder used the morph as the base for his Skyla character ( with custom texture work.

    The guy is Odnajdy's Flame character (, which I guess is supposed to a play on the Marvel character (and movie character) Blade.

    You know you've been doing this a long time when you can recognize stuff like this on sight. I need professional help!

    Nice render. My critique would be that you need to re-scale the tiling brick texture. Right now the bricks are impossibly tiny. The man's right toes are slightly embedded in the ground, while his left toes are floating. And I don't know if the image in the background is an HDRI probe or a backplate, but either way it is clearly being stretched on the x-axis, appears pixelated, and is scaled too large overall. Also, regarding the background, a good rule of thumb to keep in mind when doing this sort of in-camera compositing is that the horizon is always at eye level. This will help you align your background image with your foreground render. If they don't line up, it will make the composite all the more obvious. However, I will concede that for this render, one could believe they are on a top-floor apartment, as the view reveals rooftops, but regardless the scale is still off.

    The light is properly motivated and I like the blinn on the right side of the character's skin. Well done!

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  • she looks to me like maybe a Jessica Biel? :P

  • administrators

    snipes seems to be really happy about something :D the girl also looks familiar

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  • Looks nice, but why is he floating over the sofa? :)

    Skin looks good as usual, and the plant is looking very natural too.

  • Wesley Snipes!? Fuck yeah!

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