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  • I've been listening to Maddox's podcast The Biggest Problem In The Universe. It's really good. If you're a fan of his stuff, you'll definitely enjoy it.

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  • I listen to podcasts all day long when I'm working. I can make a few recommendations, in order of enjoyment:

    1. The Giant Bombcast (

    Whatever you do, DON'T listen to the Face Rocker podcast on the Rocket Jump network. While Freddie Wong is a talented VFX guy and a decent cinematographer with funny YouTube videos, his podcast of he and his nobody cronies sitting around, being fat, gnoshing on snacks right into their mics (yeah, they don't know rule fucking number one about making a podcast - YOU DON'T FUCKING EAT ON AIR), and making inside jokes that the audience doesn't get is completely fucking unbearable. I tried two (TWO!!) podcasts and, after about the eleventh or fifteenth time I had to endure some random fat dude crunch down on whatever and then talk with his mouth full, I posted a comment on how they need to clean their shtick up, then left forever.

    There are tons more out there, some I listen to occasionally, but these are the ones on my regular rotation. There's a ton of stuff out there. Just go on iTunes podcasts section, search for a subject you're interested in, and see what comes up.

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  • I watch Good Mythical Morning. I think they do a podcast called Ear Biscuits but I don't listen to it.

  • going quantum podcast. just a music podcast where they play electronica.

    not really a podcast but that is all i got.

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