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  • not exactly a tutorial for daz, but looks quite impressive iclone 5 and judging by first impressions of users the gui seems to be pretty straight forward and easy to use. not to mention the background music is badass ^_^

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  • anyone knows where to find / "find" good tutorials for daz studio animations maybe? on youtube i found only crappy stuff :)

  • as a newcomer to the world of 3dx, I think blender is worth a try.
    I'm in the middle of a non erotic project (final uni project) in blender, and I hope to try my hand at 3dx in blender once I get done.

    Daz 3d seems to be the popular choice, I'm hoping to give that a go. however, the limited I've played around with it so far, it seems difficult to get a good render (that doesn't look like its just came straight out of DAZ. maybe its me, and i need to play with it some more (i do), or if you need to use external renderers.

    But, blender seems pretty powerful, and i've spent quite a bit of time with it recently, so that's my initial choice.

  • @'3DZen':

    Im working at learning maya, started to play with poser animation and after a few days found the tools to be pretty crude, this coming form someone who never did animation before ;) but if im goign to spend 6+ months learning how to do this im goign to use a tool that wont frustrate me on the functionality side.

    As Miro said, character import, rigging is 50-75% of the challenge that ive not even scratched the surface.

    not sure where it will take me or how long, but im focused on learning animation with Maya at the moment, working on walk cycle this week with a rig from digital tutors.

    Why not trying Blender?
    It has some really good tools too, and you can switch to maya interface as well, and most important it's free.
    A commercial maya license costs more than 4000€ and it has a lot of plugins not integrated like a camera tracking tool.
    I know maya is the standart for the movie industry, but for small artists like us it's way to expensive to use.

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  • Im working at learning maya, started to play with poser animation and after a few days found the tools to be pretty crude, this coming form someone who never did animation before ;) but if im goign to spend 6+ months learning how to do this im goign to use a tool that wont frustrate me on the functionality side.

    As Miro said, character import, rigging is 50-75% of the challenge that ive not even scratched the surface.

    not sure where it will take me or how long, but im focused on learning animation with Maya at the moment, working on walk cycle this week with a rig from digital tutors.

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  • Poser is good for animations but I guess DAZ works pretty much the same!
    For MoCap works one Kinect, but you need to wear non-shiny clothes (best covering all your body) and have a uniform background with a contrast color to your clothes.
    While doing your animations you need to be a little bit sideways to the kinect sensor, otherwise movements like footmovements will look weirt later because it couldn't track them right.
    To avoid that 2 kinect sensors are better.

    But there is a pretty nice MoCap system coming next year:

    Affordable MoCap for everyone and it's portable. No more unseen bone movements.

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    poser is good for animation if you're a beginner and I assume Daz Studio has similar tools… the most advanced would be Maya for character animation, but other tools like Cinema 4D, Blender, Modo, 3DS Max will likely do just as well, but don't have the same industry support (cept for Max), most of them have Octane plugins also, but the hard part is getting a rig up and running in those apps as well as assets in general

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