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  • Yes, but I don't believe they're gelatinous masses that live on planets with stronger gravity than Earth, or are floating brains on Neptune, or are thin and wispy beings that live on planets with less gravity than Earth, or are super-horny babes with 3 tits.

    It's simply impossible for humans to be an accident, because accidents cannot repeat themselves with such stunning regularity and precision.

    If Earthlings are the most-intelligent life forms in the Universe, the Universe is in deep shit.

  • Yes. Now what form they might take is another matter entirely.

    I think we are quite possibly a result of their tinkering. They probably got bored and left. They could be in our population all around us, or they could be far gone. It is what it is and I don't have the answers. There could be hydrogen based life which doesn't perceive us at all. There might as well be other higher dimensions and alternate iterations of our existence.

  • Assuming that the same physical laws that apply here on Earth apply elsewhere in the universe, I'd have to say that aliens could exist and most likely do exist. I'd also say that they're probably so far away that encountering them is probably pretty unlikely, but if that should happen, then we better hope to God that we're the more technologically and ethically advanced species, otherwise I'd say we're screwed.

  • If they do i hope they can change me into a "Futanari"(Female body working female parts with male parts) Fun! ;)

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  • @'miro':

    I don't think there's much harm in believing in aliens if you're not religiously spending every waking hour obsessing over them, cause one thing aliens don't do is inspire ideology (I don't think)

    There has actually been one good thing that I know of that came from crazy alien followers. There's this Raelian religion and the prophet guy, Rael, he actually came up with my favorite system of government, Geniocracy.

    You can actually download the book on their site for free:

    Aside from all the alien stuff, it sounds like a pretty good system. I'd probably call that an ideology. They also have the whole sensual thing which is also an ideology, and… yes to human cloning which I think is a good idea myself personally. Even their "message" is a pretty good read while keeping in mind "It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it." -Aristotle

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  • Given the numbers, something like 400 billion stars in our galaxy alone, i find it impossible to think life hasn't evolved somewhere else. I think it'll probably be exceptionally rare, but still given 400 billion chances, life is bound to have evolved on more than 1 planet.

    I also agree with Steven Hawking. If we ever do encounter life, the experience will change us forever, and probably not in a good way if we are the technologically inferior participant.

  • administrators

    in my opinion the question isn't whether aliens exist or don't exist, the question is whether we've been in contact with aliens, because even if aliens do exist but have made no contact (messed with us or our surroundings) they have no relevance to our lives in any way (in other words it's the same as if they did not exist)

    do I think we've been in contact? no, I don't… either they've come and gone before human civilization or they're extremely good at hiding in the shadows and with those big heads, green skin and limp walk I find that hard to believe, lol

    I think the alien myth is bad for people addicted to the stories and duped into wasting money on it. I don't think there's much harm in believing in aliens if you're not religiously spending every waking hour obsessing over them, cause one thing aliens don't do is inspire ideology (I don't think)

    I think the alien myth is great for entertainment (love sci-fi movies) and it spurs the sentiment of exploring space, which can only be a good thing :)

  • That…. isn't even remotely a safe bet. Even if there were only one civilization in an entire galaxy, and even if it were only in even half of those galaxies, there are still billions upon billions of galaxies. It's much safer to assume that aliens most certainly do exist.

  • Until we know more, I think the safest bet is to assume that aliens can exist. Not that they do or don't; either conclusion would be baseless. I just feel that the biggest blunder would be the situation where they do exist and we chose to believe that they don't. I'm not too fond of those kind of surprises.

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  • I too believe there is are something out there, but I don't think the question will be answered within our lifetime..

    I agree with a lot of the points already made, there will be alien micro-organisms and simple lifeforms, but I also think there is certainly other intelligent life out there somewhere, How intelligent will also be varied, there could be very primitive aliens, and massively intelligent aliens which our minds cannot comprehend, Most people assume they will be a bipedal carbon based alien like seen in most movies etc.. but who's to say there isnt something else? something we cannot conceive or even imagine not even our movies.

    But the chances of ever crossing paths with another alien race will be pretty slim IMO, there is far too much space and time to cover.
    Alien life could have visited our planet billions of years ago when it was a very different place, saw nothing of value and moved on, or they could visit billions of years in the future when we are long gone, and again the world has changed into a place of no value to them.

    Also, a point well made about sending messages out into space.. Any alien life who could detect this, and are capable of travelling light years to visit our planet will likely be massively more intelligent and evolved that we are, and would only see how primitive and violent humans really are and a visit to our planet would be more like us visiting a zoo if anything. That's if we are lucky, they could detect it, see our planet's resources of hydrogen, oxygen, water etc.. and come to take it, much like we humans have done in the past when visiting other countries.
    But who knows, if we haven't nuked each other, maybe a few million years into the future we would be evolved enough to be a peaceful, successful and intellectuallt and techologically developed race that's worthy of of meeting a friendly alien race.

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