Steps To Connect Canon Printer To Wifi

  • The first step to connect the canon printer to wifi is to firstly you are going to need the password and network name on your wi-fi network.

    The next step is to ensure your printer and pc are switched on for the procedure of how to connect canon printer to wifi.

    Now you need is to set up your WIFI connection by selecting the menu’ button.

    The next is to use the arrow keys, scroll down to ‘Network’ then press ok and then select the W-LAN option.

    After the above steps now again by using the arrow keys, scroll down and choose the setup option on your canon printer.

    Now you need to press ok and then select the wifi option.

    The next step is to enter your WIFI password, then press ok option on the screen for the process of how to connect canon printer to wifi.

    Now you will be asked for the option of apply settings so you need to select the yes option.

    Once you have entered the correct password then it will show connected.

    The last is to run the print test if all goes good then you are all done!!

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