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  • Interesting, thanks for the help.

  • also, a short bit from creator SickleYeild:

    2. You want something of questionable legality because IT IS ILLEGAL TO CHARGE FOR FAN ART. The United States has strict copyright and trademark laws. If you have seen a movie or show in English that wasn't a fan-sub or fan-dub, it has a U.S. license and is protected by U.S. law. This means that the rights are held by a large corporation with many lawyers.

    Fan art is tolerated by these corporations because it is free, or because it falls under Fair Use as parody or criticism. As soon as money changes hands, they're going to start taking notice. They have to; if they don't defend their copyright they'll eventually lose it.

    Some DAZ artists come very close to the line on this issue. A lot of them are not in the United States; they're in countries where it would be harder for the corporations to prosecute them. I'm an American, I live in the Seattle area, and I'm not risking it. Next.

    full post:

  • Ok, that is what I had first thought but wasn't sure.

  • No. You bought the product and with it a license to use it as you see fit in images. The only thing you can't do is sell the file itself (the model that is) for money or trade it or give it away.

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