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  • I've been plagued with this issues as well for some time. Thanks for pointing out the solution. Will give it a try! :)

  • maybe better bump this thread then creating a new one :)

    ist there any way/workaround or whatever to keep the "high resolution" setting instead of changing it to base?

  • newbie to zbrush/goz as well - havent had this pb yet but you may want to ask zbrush to reset the path of your application(daz here); i think its in preferences, at the bottom of the list.

  • heyhey…

    next stupid issue... no idea if its my fault or not but i cant find a way to avoid that problem atm... i once had it and reinstalled zbrush completely but thats an odd solution i think :)
    whenever i send an item to zbrush with goz... adjusting it there... and wanna send it back with the goz button... it just opens a new instance of daz studio and pastes it in there.. without textures and stuff.... same as my old problem... :)

    anyone got this problem and know a way out of it? its annoying

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  • niiiiiiiiiice thats the solution, thank you dear sir from the internet :D

  • Check "Mesh Resolution" in the parameters tab :D

    zbrush only like models at "Base" ;)

  • where could i check that? :D if its usually enabled then i guess the answer is yes :)

    i just use this "go to zbrush" in daz and back with "goz" button in zbrush… and thats it for me... until today :D

  • Are you importing the model into zbrush while it has SubD enabled?

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