Cant access my cash app account

  • If you cant access my cash app account then you can check this blog it hs detailed information on how to access and check

  • @ rikolo Sorry can't help with the Poser plugin, I use the Octane standalone and export from Daz. I would wait before you splash any cash Windows 10 is coming with DirectX 12 which will allow the use of both Amd and Nvidia cards in the same system. I have a feeling that's what Octane are waiting for before they release 3.0 or I could be wrong. :rolleyes:

  • i havent seen any discounts or such worth waiting.
    cant help with poser - octane (daz user here)

  • Hey guys, sorry for necroing this thread, but I have some questions regarding octane and this seemed like a good place :D

    So, are there some discounts for octane similar to Poser? i.e. does it pay off to wait if they have something like this or not?

    Second, when I try the octane demo, I go into the octane window, but the camera doesn't match. It seems that the Octane camera is slighty further than the Poser camera, which results in wrong framing / object clipping.

  • I think so. I have currently a Titan card and when money permits I'll get another…if Octane proves to be a renderer to stay with :).

  • Hi Veneri are you clear what you need hardware wise before you take the plunge ? :cool:

  • I'm about to take the plunge and buy it…always a bit of a twist in the gut to part with this amount of money...hoping it's the right choice :)

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  • Thanks for the link. I will check it out

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