Steps To Setup Wireless Canon Pixma MG 3022 Printer

  • The first step in order to begin with the canon pixma mg3022 wireless setup on mac is to first download the software on your laptop.

    Now you need to click right to download mac-mg 3022 dmg after it has downloaded correctly, double-click it to begin the setup process.

    The next step is to click next on your screen for the wireless procedure.

    Now you need to connect the device to the network you need to make sure that the configuration of the computer and access point or router is complete and that the laptop is well connected to the network.

    The next steps for the process of canon pixma mg3022 wireless setup on mac is to make sure that the printer has a wireless connection before connecting the gadget to the community, the laptop needs to be connected to the network.

    Make certain that the configuration of the computer and get entry to point or router to the wireless.

  • I don`t use Lux myself takes too long but it looks as if it does some cool stuff.

  • Thx. I may try that. I like how you can pause and resume LuxRender renders too.

  • I can't speak for anyone else, but for me 500-1000 S/p produces a decent looking image, although I regularly render 2-3 times that value.

    As you know Luxrender never stops rendering, so just stop it when you think your image looks ok to you.

    Start a render before you go to bed, you'll have a nice image in the morning ;)

  • So… sculpting figures is kind of hard. :blush:

    I switched gears a little and decided to test some renders. Scene is a bunch of stock stuff from DAZ Studio. Only modifications I made was dialing in some morphs for Girl 6.

    Left is LuxRender via Reality 4. Took 2+ hours!
    Right is Blender's Cycles via mcjTeleBlender scripts. Took 15 minutes. The script didn't bring the camera or light settings over properly, so I had to adjust them manually. Also it didn't appear to set up any sub surface scattering like LuxRender.

    I'm still struggling over the render time for LuxRender. How long do you guys let it run?


  • Its a futa cannon. I really should have sketched out something first as I'm not good at concept sculpting yet.


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  • Digital sculpt sketch. I really didn't have anything in mind when I started this…

    Anyone know of a good place to post videos?

    I have a time-lapse of sculpting this and would like to post more. They all won't be appropriate for YouTube. Can I just share them in my Google Drive?

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