Executive PGDM

  • Executive PGDM is a 1-year executive-level PGDM program in Management studies. The Executive PGDM course is delivered through the distributed learning model to working professionals and blends contemporary theories with emerging technologies. The PGDM(Executive) program provides participants the opportunity of a social immersion as a part of the sustainability and social responsibility course. The program brings a global perspective to the participants by developing close associations with leading business schools across the world. visit IMT HYDERABAD for more details.

  • @'shade78':

    20 minutes

    looks great for a 20min render

  • administrators

    Awesome. Love the skin texture! Really nice! Yes the bump and diffuse are important, but a solid SSS setup really gives it the edge and I see you've worked it out =)

  • Yes use a brush and repaint areas u wish to increase bump. Manually. Add details. BTW check diffuse maps also most of them are disgusting and don't have skin texture at all. Zoom em and take a close up look. U should see skin details with all its caverns, pimples etc. If u dont c it it means that u'll get aboslutely smooth surface. It doesn't important on full scale renders but extremely vital on close ups. Good diffuse and bump is a 70% of good skin shader on close ups.

  • Hm, do you use any certain techniques for the creation? I mean, I usually just use normal maps instead which I create from the diffuse maps with a photoshop plugin.

    But just thinking out loud here : I would desaturate the diffuse map, increase the contrast a bit and check for areas that came out inverted. Is there anything else you do different?

  • Redraw bump maps yourself. Its a key to it. Poser maps usually have too little details. Authors are lazy and just using desaturate in phtoshop. Its not a bump map. Its desaturated diffuse map.

  • @'shade78':

    Sure I use it with bump maps. Its quick renders with low quality. I'm using IM and Light Cache as algorithms of calculation.

    Ah okay, same one Im using in 99% of the cases. I am getting some nice results aswell lately, but bump settings in combination with specular are always kinda hit or miss for me. I am not sure if thats a vrayforc4d problem but I usually dont get very good looking bump on closeups. Or I just suck at setting up lights to catch reflections properly ;)

  • 20 minutes

  • Looks great , im still in a learning process with 3D but eventually would like to do more High End realistic renders like the above. Just a question … how long did the first ( model) image take to render?

  • Very nice results. I'd like to know more about it and your settings

  • Sure I use it with bump maps. Its quick renders with low quality. I'm using IM and Light Cache as algorithms of calculation.

  • I like the results. Is this still the fast sss2 shader? or do you use a bump/normal map in those shots?

    The texture set looks very nice aswell, lots of nice subtle details in it so the closeup shot still gives a good amount of details.

    What kind of dmc and GI settings youre using there? Some averaged ones or high quality?

  • looks good to me!

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