How to recuperate to Unlock Yahoo Account?

  • There is no uncertainty that Yahoo is one of the most established and greatest online stages that gives numerous instruments and highlights like news, money, amusement, sports, shrewd TV, Map, email, and so on. To utilize its messaging stage, you need to make a record and set a secret key. On the off chance that you overlook your client's certifications and think about how to recuperate to Unlock Yahoo Account. Along these lines, go to its official site and give your portable number or email address to get a confirmation code.

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  • a bragging contest:

    Gavin Friday – Baltimore Whores – Lyrics
    April 5, 2006 in Lyrics - Comments
    ! There were four old whores from Baltimore
    Drinking the blood red wine
    And all the conversation was
    “Yours is smaller than mine.”
    ! Chorus:
    Through me roly, poly, tickle my hole-y,
    Smell of my slimy slough,
    and drag your nuts across me guts,
    I’m one of the whorey crew.
    ! “You’re a liar,” said the first whore,
    “Mine’s as big as the air
    The birds fly in, the birds fly out,
    And never touch a hair.”
    ! Chorus
    ! “You’re a liar.” said the second,
    “Mine’s as big as the sea
    The ship sails in, the ship sails out
    Never troubles me.”
    ! Chorus
    ! “You’re a liar,” said the third whore,
    “Mine’s as big as the moon,
    the men jump in, the men jump out,
    Never touch the womb.”
    ! Chorus
    ! Swab your decks, me hearties
    Slice them up with pride
    Light your oars, you sons of whores
    Yours is smaller than mine
    ! “You’re a liar,” said the last whore,
    “Mine’s the biggest of all,
    the fleet sailed in on the first of June,
    and didn’t come back till Fall.”
    ! Chorus

  • Stuff that we do brag about or stuff that we potentially could brag about?

    In person I don't really brag about anything because nobody likes a bragger. Online I guess I brag about having a nice ass sometimes but that's only because people online can't actually see it since I'm not physically there so you'd have to bring something like that up.

    There's a lot of stuff I could brag about, I guess, but I don't.

  • I thought either but I like your extension, so lets go with both :)

  • In person or online?

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