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  • Good morning,

    Thank you kindly for this quick reply. I will do so as soon as possible, my problem has been solved you may now close / archive this thread.

  • @'Arcadelord':


    I have browsed the forums for a while now, and even tried to use the "Search" button of the website several times, but it brought to me no result. After hours spent reading several threads, hopefully I would find an answer, there is nothing so I am afraid that I have to ask for help.

    I have recently purchased "Girlfriends 4ever" on the website DLSite.com (english version of course) but sadly for me, the software is censored with major pixeling. Is there a way for me to reclaim an uncensored version, directly from here?

    Or is there actually a thread around here, for people who did the "mistake" to purchase on DLSite.com and desperately seek a mean to get rid of the pixelised censorship?

    Thank you kindly for the replies (if there is any).

    Hi there,

    You can contact [email protected] with your dlsite account's email and they'll be able to assist you further.

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