Call on Cash App Customer Service to ask what happened if I dispute a charge?

  • If you dispute any charge on the Cash app, then we send all the details to the bank which is linked with you. Afterward, the bank contacts the merchant via whom you purchase products. Bank sends them all the details and gives them a specific time of 7 days to take action against it. If they didn’t reply within these days, then refund initiated automatically. For more, use the Cash App Customer Service.

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  • Higher pixel filter values will help smooth out the edges of characters and objects although the difference made is only noticeable by experts or when you zoom in to about 800%

    When you mention 1.0 or 6.0 are you referring to UE/3Delight Shading Rate, not Pixel Filter? (6 is default, higher not lower values are better)

    If so lower shading rates will reduce the grainy appearance of shadows (especially softer shadows) and also bring out fine details in hair, eyes and skin adding more realism (assuming you're using high quality detailed maps)

    Render an image at 1.0, then render that same image at 0.1, see if there's a difference ;)

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