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  • If you are a beginner gambler, be sure to find the most popular slots. In this case, you will have more chances to win. Use the feedback of experienced players for this. Good luck.

  • What Tiffany said. ^^

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  • Allow me to preface this that I hate all kinds of threesomes…

    I'd say 2 futa on one girl because they'd at least both have something to stick their dick into and such.

    With 1 futa and 2 girls, it's just going to be an attention contest and I fucking hate that.

    3 futa and it's just weird. Even futa on futa is weird. I don't like it.

  • Definitely 2 futas and 1 girl. I assume you are gathering feedback for the second part of Erin and Vikki? In this scenario, who would be the second futa next to Erin? You haven't yet decided on the teacher?

    Are you considering doing some variation in cock sizes? Would you like the teacher (or whoever) to be bigger than Erin?

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  • Blackadder did 2 futas on 1 non in his Dickgirls 4 if you need some brain candy to consider your options.

  • 2 and 1.

    If you've got one futa and two non, then one of them would be on the sideline, watching the other get hot dickings. Unless of course the one has two dicks, but both can enjoy hot dickings. With three futas, that's just plain silly.

    2 futas and one girl is perfect. The girl can get a double dose of hot dickings and no one will be left out. Plus, you can change the hot dickings up by having one futa take hot dickings from the other while she's giving hot dickings to the girl.

    Hot dickings.

  • 2 futa plus 1 all girl.


    Double Trouble … :heart:

  • @'fredfred5150':

    Not a massive fan of futas, but the "several futas vs 1 regular girl" scenario interests me

    thanks Fred, me too and was the plan but got a idea form some one and wanted to run it past the masses :)

  • I say you gotta have at least one non-futa. As for the quantity of the futas, that is kind of a toss up for me.

  • Not a massive fan of futas, but the "several futas vs 1 regular girl" scenario interests me

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