Netflix customer care phone number

  • Fast and easy Netflix customer care phone number to resolve issues related to troubleshoot, purchase, upgrade or cancel the account. Our Support 24*7.

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  • To be completely blunt, I'm positive that you're barking up the wrong tree here. Almost everyone… nay, everyone here uses Daz3D and Smith Micro biped meshes for their character work. There is no modeler here that is creating their own biped humans, let alone game-ready characters.

    Daz3D offered a suite of character creation tools for taking their stock meshes and decimating the model, converting from quads to tris, and creating mipmaps and other texture assets. This didn't sell at all because no one ever used it. Smith Micro recently did the same with their Poser Game Dev suite, but I'm positive that will also suffer the same fate. The reason is because 95% of the artists who use Smith Micro's Poser or Daz3D's Daz Studio to make their erotic art cannot do any type of polygonal modeling; not even hard surface, let alone organic.

    You might look around the /3DCG board on 4chan to see if there's any interest. Don't go to CGSociety and ask, though, especially if you have any type of professional reputation to uphold. They frown on adult material, and will laugh you right out the door.

    Good luck.

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  • Sounds interesting. Keep us updated on your progress.

  • Thanks for the support! I had considered UE4 for development but I'm more familiar with Unity right now and I feel like it can prototype a little faster. Plus I have a Unity Pro license anyway. I could certainly get superior quality with UE4, but it takes precious time!

  • not a modeler here but chiming in to encourage you in game building. we need some westerner's X game (H would be eastern right ?)
    btw, unreal engine 4 allows for a lot more polys (see )

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