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  • To quote 'Team America: World Police' …

    "Everyone has AIDS ... AIDS, AIDS, AIDS ... AIDS, AIDS, AIDS, AIDS, AIDS, AIDS .................. AIDS."

  • I'd say probably something like seborrhoeic dermatitis where there causes are unclear and there's not much of anything invested into finding cures for it because it's only aesthetically inconvenient and only affects such a small segment of the population.

    One of the most terrifying, I suppose, is one most of us are bound to get at some point in our lives such as arthritis. There are no cures and the treatments and medications available for the conditions do very little.

    I'm less concerned with the more deadly viruses, especially those that could evolve to be immune to traditional treatment, because they would have international efforts against them whereas the things that won't kill you are often the things that are overlooked but are the most crippling throughout one's life.

  • Life…
    ... is sexually transmitted, symptoms vary from apathy to exalted fevers, major hallucinations (also refered to as culture/civilization), progressive rot, terminal stage is death.
    No cure.

    that thing is scary - but i do like the hallucinating parts.

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