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  • @'hibbli':

    i am not going to use this… pre-pre-preview state of the art thingie... better wait for the final one :)

    he gave an exact date for release, october 31 8pm :)

    Same here. If we didn't get a release date for the final version, I'd probably try the preview. But it's best to wait in this situation to make sure everything's on the up and up.

  • i am not going to use this… pre-pre-preview state of the art thingie... better wait for the final one :)

    he gave an exact date for release, october 31 8pm :)

  • Release version at the end of the month? Awesome. :)

  • a preview is available - be sure to read what t_3 writes:

    sounds like +/- 8 weeks to go until final - Xmas ? :)

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  • finally… :D

    hope the speed increases with new plugin, beside all those nasty bugs...
    if i render with 1.2 plugin i have around 5mb/s... if i do the same scene with 2.0 standalone its around 20mb/s... difference is huuuuuge! :)

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