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  • I started with Poser only for about 6 months, then got PS.

    You could get Gimp or something for no $$ also for post work but yea start there (DAZ only) then if you like it and see a tool you think would help and you want to learn an d spend a few buck invest, in a year or two you will have everything you need

  • Photoshop or any photo editing program work great along side with DAZ3D. In PS you can do digital paint overs and fix little mistakes that would sometimes make you have to re-render an entire image. Having some traditional drawing/painting skills is a plus too!

  • A subscription to Adobe Photograpy CC is probably a good idea. It's 10 bucks a month. You can really post work a Studio render to make it POP!

    So yeah… Studio / Photoshop CC great combo. Umm... Probably the most important after that and fairly expensive... Zbrush.

    I was muddling with Blender for sculpting for a bit. But 50% I could not reimport it back to Poser... Zbrush makes it silly easy. GOZ!!!!!

  • if you are just starting, then i would suggest you play around within daz, understand the concepts, see for yourself the limitations you encounter…
    Daz is pretty self sufficient with limited rigging, deforming, material building.

    Once you feel daz aint enough for you, then you can spend bucks on of softwares. There is a lot to learn in daz, if u are a beginner, having to learn the ropes of another soft will probably only slow you down.

    Enjoy your 1st creations, post 'em here, improve, read the other users, you will answer this question later, on your own & with your wallet ^^

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