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  • Quickbooks Tool Hub is the place to get all the tools in which for the purpose of Diagnostics Quickbooks Diagnostics Tools is present.

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  • Gracias,
    I'm following that now, I also tend toward the "pay more" and get higher end equip and service version- so I'm digging into anything that has trial versions.
    We shall see…

  • @'biketrip29':

    I've also been following the forums to see if my limited computer skills will allow me to create my own works, this is another discussion, about which tools are the most user friendly, I'm attempting this research at present.

    Any and all feedback is appreciated.

    This may be of interest

  • There are tons of crap 3DX sites out there and many of them rip us off but none have the quality and integrity of Affect3D IMO, its only getting better too!

  • I'm with you on the quality of Miro's work- more or less trying to expand my "educational" base about the genre and perhaps why my interest has been so peaked.

    I'll check the other 2 sites today and follow the "splinter" threads thru other forums.

    If you have an instructional forum you recommend, I'd take that as well

    cheers for the responses.

  • Well, this site's goal is to eventually become that central place for 3Dx.

    Expenses aside, I don't know of any that are better than miro's work. There are some that do very good stills (very good) but I think miro was the first to put out such quality of animation. So if you're looking for the best, honestly, I think you've found it - this is it.

  • Hm now that I think about it… there really arent that many central places for 3dx on the web. Renderotica and ArtOfDarkness are something similar to this site here, but most of the artists for our genre seem to be splintered about on their own personal blogs or shop sites.

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