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  • 1: Blade Runner (i believe it was the extended cut, the one in which ford in the end say, "maybe in his last moments he was loving every life" or what he say in englisch, i only know the german one)

    2: Akira (no other Movie was forming my life more than that one)

    3: the last one is hard i stand between "Godzilla(the first ever movie), Alien and Jurassic Park

    in honor Katzekage

  • #1They Live
    #3 King Arthur

  • Also loved the effects in Wall-E, particularly the garbage scenes at the beginning. As the camera zooms in down from above and you see the garbage all over and bits blowing through the street, and the dust kicking up in Wall-E's wake, it just looks so damned real. Wish I could make stuff that looked that good, but I suspect I may be a bit short on processing power (not to mention skills).

  • Apart from the Matrix, The Boondock Saints, Kingdom of Heaven, Kung Fu Panda, Wallstreet, V for Vendetta, all quite famous, Id step up for "Snatch", "Its all gone Pete Tong", "Alatriste". Other notable to mention - "The illusionist, Prestige, The ghost and the darkness, Le Capital, The Assignment, Mongol, A good year. "Snatch" is probably the best

  • 1. 'True Romance' 2. 'Last of the Mohicans' 3. 'Die Hard'.

    'Full Metal Jacket' is an honorable mention.

  • @'kadosho':

    My fav top #3
    Macross Plus: One of the best hand drawn animated films around. Two pilots, one lady love, and a battle for humanity against an AI. This was made some time ago, but it definitely pushed the forefront in animation (or cg), It was made in both film, and a mini episodic release. Sadly it hasn't been re-released for many years, But if you get a chance to watch, you will not regret it.

    I remember previews for Macross Plus…it looked good, but I never got around to purchasing it.

    Anime deserves it's own topic though...Ghost in the Shell and Ninja Scroll are anime movies that I still watch regularly despite their age.

  • 1. Airplane. Can never tire of this movie.
    2. The Godfather pt. 2. What needs to be said?
    3. Jaws. I saw it in the theater when it came out and it scared me to death. I've been interested in sharks ever since. In a few years, I'll be going to South Africa to cage dive with Great Whites.

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  • My fav top #3
    Macross Plus: One of the best hand drawn animated films around. Two pilots, one lady love, and a battle for humanity against an AI. This was made some time ago, but it definitely pushed the forefront in animation (or cg), It was made in both film, and a mini episodic release. Sadly it hasn't been re-released for many years, But if you get a chance to watch, you will not regret it.

    Dogma: Religion and the fall of mankind? One of Kevin Smith's best (yet outerworldly themed) flicks. Two angels leave heaven to become a part of mankind, until a battle royale chooses them as the villains. Or are they?

    The Usual Suspects: Who is Kaiser Soze? There is a team of thieves, or is there?
    A must watch "who dun it" classic! (*btw also directed + written by Bryan Singer (of Xmen fame).

  • How can this be limited to just three? Really depends on my mood, but in no particular order: The Princess Bride, Blade Runner, The Fifth Element. Also, The Matrix, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Dark City, Casablanca, Dr. Strangelove, Jodorowsky's Dune, Galaxy Quest, too many more. I'm not good at choosing just a few I guess :P

    Edit: those first three should really have The Fifth Element replaced with Wall-E. That movie saved my sanity the last couple years of my wage slavery (I would watch a bit of it on my iPad every day during my lunch to help with stress relief.)

  • Yea…. original Underworld and second one were both pretty awesome

  • ill take the movies that really did an impression at the time i watched them.

    1. Indiana Jones: Raiders of the lost ark.
    I was 9 or 10, my very 1st night home alone with VHS rented by mum (ty mum for that tape !).

    2. Return of the Jedi.
    I was 10, in a Irish family that hosted me for the holidays. Of course i didnt speak english but kids can play in their very special kid's way. And Star wars didnt need translation.

    3. Blade Runner.
    a VHS again, in my teen years. Watch so many times over.

    I just realize that those 3 movies have Harrison Ford in common…

  • I don't know about all time but I really liked the original Underworld.

    Beyond that I don't really have any go-to movies and even that, aside from watching it some 40 times before returning the rental (back when there were actually rental stores), then going out and buying the bluray and watching it a few more times after that, that's about it. I haven't done that with any other movie though so I'd say it probably has to be up there in the top 3.

    I saw Maleficent yesterday and it was really good, an instant favorite. I don't know if I'd put it in my top 3 because a movie really needs a very high rewatchability factor to get that high and I've only watched it the once.

    I really like the Hannibal trilogy (Red Dragon, Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal) - and no, I don't count Hannibal Rising as part of it because fuck that guy that they had as Hannibal. For me, Anthony Hopkins just totally makes the movie, he is Lector.

    I've rewatched the Blade trilogy quite a few times, but I guess I kinda have a thing for vampires.

    I've rewatched Jennifer's Body several times but I wouldn't put it in a top 3. I've rewatched The Fifth Element quite a few times as well. Pirates of the Caribbean and X-Men are fun to rewatch every now and then, so are the Aliens movies.

    The only truly accurate list I think I could give would probably be like so…

    1. Underworld (just the first one)
    2. ??
    3. ??

    I don't rewatch movies all that much so it's hard to really place a list. I rewatch TV series or anime series a lot more than I do movies.

  • 1. Matrix…hands down my favorite movie of all time. 3 in a row, who's gonna break the trend?
    2. Lord of the Rings: Trilogy. Sorry gotta pick the whole Trilogy here, I can watch these movies back to back nonstop for days...literally.
    3. Point of no Return. (AKA The Assassin). OK...so this really isn't my 3rd favorite movie of all time...but I just loved Bridget Fonda to death in this movie so I'm showin her some love. "How about you kiss my ass right in the crack"...one of my favorite lines.

    OK...so now I'm cheatin...I'd probably throw Return of the Dragon in at number 3. The Bruce Lee/Chuck Norris fight scene has got to be one of the best choreographed martial arts scenes ever.

  • Ah crap Miro I read the subject and Matrix instantly came to mind so …

    1. Matrix
    2. Black Hawk Down, I like the movies that take some reality in to account. And the song the plays when the fighting starts is pretty cool Barra Barra
    3. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

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