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  • O_O

    I thought this was just 4chan jargon…So it's really a thing...holy shit...

  • Anyone else think the fact that this site http://thefappening.sexy/albums/index.php?/category/152 is the first search result on google takes the fun out of this?

  • Dunno if you guys heard but there was a part 2 several days ago… http://pastebin.com/LMeuwrWY


  • Kate Upton…all your vids be mine now :D

  • Confucius say: if something exists, matter of time before found.

  • Things like this really need to stop happening. Just be smart about sharing things, and if its private don't save it where someone else might unlock things that you don't want anyone to see,

  • I was kind of hoping Tim Cook's Grindr profile would show up in the mix. Would show him right.

  • @'Supro':

    Yesterday, someone hacked iCloud and ended up posting a bunch of celebrity nudes online. Names included Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Arianna Grande, and others. Twitter ended up blowing up about this with #thefappening trending for a while.


    Now, I'm not gonna tell you where these pics are. But if you do stumble upon these pics, you should do the right thing and delete them from your computer….right after you send them to me for proper inspection. shiftyeyes

    Haha! Love this- "right after you send them to me for proper inspection. shiftyeyes"

    On a serious note, ill bet its a combination of weak passwords and some arrogance on Apple's part.Not hackable you say? Yeah right.

  • @'mattdark':

    Or could it be a case of so many people having weak, easily guessed passwords?


  • Seems more and more pictures seem to pop up by the hour. There is probably a lot of photos belonging to the general public given the amount of topics Ive seen with people unable to figure out who a number of photos belong to.

    Definitely raises a question about internet security, but is it an unsecure system in iCloud? Or could it be a case of so many people having weak, easily guessed passwords?

    The only thing that I know for sure, my photos of a fun, fun weekend in London are safe and secure :D

  • Meh - I'd rather have more pics of Tara & Sayako :P

  • Yeah, Saw them on 4chan recently, /b/ had a bunch of threads about it

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