Was ist dein Lieblingsspielautomat?

  • Haben Sie einen Lieblingsspielautomaten? Hier habe ich ein paar. Zum Beispiel Pharaos Riches. Dies ist ein sehr interessanter Slot und ich habe viele Male gewonnen. Empfehlen.

  • Hi guys. Still in a bit of a pickle as i'm currently using poser 2012. Managed to get the face materials and brightness and I'm quite happy the way its turning out so far. The problem I'm having is I'm trying to blend the body to the facial texture. haven't found much am hoping you have any suggestions

  • Forgot to say thanks jbtrimar!!!

  • heres a new pic

  • well it looks like first redhead worked!!!
    and i can still morph it…
    maybe its a genitals thing...

  • appreciate it, but thats a no go,,,

    redhead w/ tatoos is genesis female w/ genesis male genitalia…using wicked works morphs

    other redhead( i like gingers!!!) is genesis female w/ ulf genitals...using ulf morphs, i guess...

    maybe you could explain like a little step by step process?
    i'm sure i could figure it out, eventually :)

  • Parent it to the hip.

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