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  • There was some documentary about people and sex dolls, not just real dolls, on tv a while back. Was pretty interesting and I dont think its really practical to have these around at home :) One of the guys was a shy mentally disabled guy and for him it actually made quite a bit of sense to have one. He was rather using her like some kind of a "partner" and suited her up, as if it was a real woman. Really creepy stuff, but I guess in his situation it was a good thing for him to have a bit of company, even if its not real.

    They showed quite a few ppl in this documentary and each had their own story as to why they had one of these. But they all had serious problems in life. Not saying that everyone who owns a realdoll is some mentally retarded person, but maybe its just time to go out more or take the money and visit a hooker every end of the month. Might be more fun afterall :)

    The dolls look pretty cool in those promotional shots but in the documentary you could already see seams and how waxy they look in parts, especially the private parts really looked terrible. I can understand it when someone just says to themselves "hey humping one would be fun, or at least a good laugh for once". But only if I dont have to clean it afterwards and its just a one time thing that you think you had to do at least once in your lifetime :D

  • I suppose the look nice in pictures, but the are completely inanimate, and that makes them really creepy to me, and they are way too big, look at the weight spec of them, for an object that I'm gonna have to move around and maintain myself, thats pretty heavy.

    Plus I was on a forum for people who own this and other dolls, and they told some embarrasing stories about international shipping problems like having to go to pick these things up from customs depots after they were opened because the package looked suspicious. (In which case you just say you're rich and you and your friends are taking "her" out on a stag night :D)

    I probably would buy one if I had that kind of cash to throw away, but I imagine the novelty would wear off very quickly, and then have to think about how to get rid of it without looking suspicious

  • pretending this thread never existed closing my eyes with my hands, and running away… WAAAAAA mama!!! they r scary!!!!

  • First big question : Who would want to clean that thing? :D

    I PASS!

  • @'Supro':

    I'm sure some of you have heard about this, but what do you all think about this? Do you think you would get one if you had the money?

    first the second question, Yes! why? it´s simple i would test it and after that i can talk with knowing and don´t need try talking without knowing.
    second the first question, i think in the long history of sextoys it´s only another more complex step in the industry.
    There are thousands of dildos, vibrating eggs/balls for woman and man that wanting anal action but at the same time not so many sextoys for male user.

    in honor katzekage

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