7 Biggest Internet Marketing Mistakes

  • When starting out on the internet I see most new marketers make these 7 internet marketing mistakes right from the get-go and they never know that they are really setting themselves up for disaster. The first internet marketing mistake is most people put up a website without ever planning what is going to be on the website or who they are going after, their target market. https://www.renewmyhealth.org/ It takes time to plan out your website, what niche you are going in and who your target market is going to be.

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  • Ok thanks everyone.

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  • blogspot is fine to, just dont forget to declare yr blog as adult content

  • @'kully00000':

    Hi all I just had a quick question :angel:

    I was wondering if there was a website where we could post created image sets where they can be viewed and rated by users for free.
    I don't think Deviant art allow images which consist of genitalia.


    DeviantArt does allow genitalia. You just can't depict sex, masturbation or an erect penis (flaccid ones are okay).

    You could try Ambient Dimension. http://www.ambientdimension.com/

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