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  • You can always use the Morph Tool. I use that more and more now and am getting to the point where I can deform furniture to make the model seem to have weight when they sit down on it.

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  • @'AKA3DX':

    . . .

    At renderotica and runtimedna there are tutorials about this specific topic by Darkseal and DarkEdge Design. I can't access renderotica on this computer, otherwise I'd provide links. I found them both invaluable.

    Excellent references, thanks - I am a member at both sites, but have typically been using them to search on highly specific ideas, so may be missing a lot by not following or reading through more regularly.

    And, that Ira Glass piece was quite inspiring, I should add.

  • Sounds like I'm a few months ahead of you on the learning curve. I've tried all sorts of methods to get those details dialed in just right. I've watched tons of tutorials, read tons of forum posts, and most importantly of all: I've spent hours and hours and hours practicing. The results are usually failures (that are packed full of useful lessons) and then the occasional epiphany, that mind-blowing mini-success that keeps you at it.

    For general motivation, it sounds like this fantastic little piece by Ira Glass will address exactly what you're going through at this point.

    For getting better results now, I've found the path of least resistance has been to incorporate ZBrush (via GoZ) into my workflow as much as I work in Poser, if not more. No feature in Poser comes even remotely close to the speed, intuitive flow, and immense power of ZBrush. Poser is broad strokes - blocking, basic posing. ZBrush is where you get into the details that bring out the realism. While Poser can do most of this, I personally find the implementation to be really cumbersome for anything other than quick, simple fixes.

    At renderotica and runtimedna there are tutorials about this specific topic by Darkseal and DarkEdge Design. I can't access renderotica on this computer, otherwise I'd provide links. I found them both invaluable.

    Keep at it! :D

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  • @'SinCyprine':

    i dont know of a specific tutorial on the subject.
    ZBrush seems the way to go (with GoZ plug-in) which exist for both poser & daz.

    patience & care to details, and practice practice practice…
    use reference material (photos, videos, girlfriend...) to get it right, and practice, and patience :)

    Oh yeah, practice definitely continues in my spare "hobby" time - it just gets frustrating when I have ideas of what to create and I'm not (yet) getting the quality of results due to traveling the learning curve on how to make things happen well, yet. Some poses come out very nicely, others are just awkward and tough to animate - which is why I wanted to learn more about magnets, etc.

    I recently came into an unused educational copy of Autodesk 2012 Suite with Mudbox (among other things), which I understand is not nearly as nice as ZBrush and have also been looking at 3DCoat. Already have Silo from years ago, which is kind of fun (but buggy) to use, still.

    Definitely a cyclical process of learning and experimenting, tutorials, more trying, etc.

  • i dont know of a specific tutorial on the subject.
    ZBrush seems the way to go (with GoZ plug-in) which exist for both poser & daz.

    patience & care to details, and practice practice practice…
    use reference material (photos, videos, girlfriend...) to get it right, and practice, and patience :)

  • Thanks knight77, I've been looking at ways to essentially make things look more convincing - such a deforming the area around a mouth or genital opening in a way that looks like skin is actually being stretched - and magnets were one of the items on my list to learn about, thanks.

    I was thinking that soft-body physics might help in that regard, as opposed to only manual fine-tuning alone. I can make regular shapes (e.g., a block) bend inwards when pressed, so was thinking that could be a help in making - let's say - a vagina prop to bend a bit outwards. But, then hip and other areas need to be adjusted, too. So, I understand what you are saying, hopefully: it's not automatic, but I'm still hoping to find ways that make the surfaces appear to rub and cling more with each other, avoiding any sense of clipping or non-contact that can make the acts appear staged or less convincing.

    Yes, I've been going through the tutorials (which is why I wondered about soft-body physics, too!), so will continue on this learning path.

    Is anyone aware of specific advice or tutorials from artists who create "3Dx" today using their own workflows, perhaps? Seeing examples is often a big help, too.

    BTW, your site shows great work - nice body movements and capturing that "convincing" body-to-body contact impression I'm trying to describe.

    Thanks again.

  • Hi
    It is not so easy to just enable collision detection and the a 3D figure behaves like a human of flesh and bones.
    I know what you want to achieve, but for that you have to understand some things about the programs you use.

    I could tell you a lot of things why it isn't working the way you do it, but that wouldn't be much of a help, because telling how it's not working is something everybody can do

    First off, two links

    The first one helps you with the parenting, but instead uses contrains and the second link are basic tutorials from smith micro for poser.

    Just remember one thing: Nothing will go automatically!
    You can simulate things like breast bouncing with physics, but then you don't have much controle of the movement, or it needs a lot of adjustment. But it is possible.

    What you can try to use are magnets. With them you can add deformation to specific bodyparts.
    You don't need to stick with the magnet zone, you can paint the active area on the surface.

    It will allways be a lot of finetuning and planning to make it look more realistic, but over time you will figure out ways to help yourself achieving it faster.
    The smith micro video tutorials where quite usefull to me.


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