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  • You should have an alternative to pull back cash from ATM with the utilization of Cash app Visa charge card by means of putting the Cash app PIN. Indeed, you don't have need to pay additional cash. This card has a virtual number, that you can use for web based shopping. You need to just put the card subtleties and an OTP which is sent to your enrolled portable number. For additional, utilization Cash App Phone Number.

  • Indeed we lost a longtime friend, and brother like no other. But for what its worth, he put so much of himself into every movie, play, or tv show he was a part of. And that says alot. I believe he is making the "Great Spirit" somewhere laughing over and over again.

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  • this hit me hard as well. Still can't believe it. Grew up on alot of his movies and Aladdin wouldn't have been my favorite without him playing the whimsical genie. Robin will be missed. I may have to participate in a robin williams marathon this weekend with alchohol and a shot of whiskey with his name on it.

  • Rik Mayal just a few months ago, and now this. 2 great comedians I grew up to.
    This one has hit me hard as I feel like Ive known Robin for most of my life, so many fond memories from the movies he has been in.

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