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  • Yup turned out nicely

  • Something new:
    I like how it turned out after some editing in Photoshop:

  • Thank you. it was my creative phase this weekend. ^^

  • I really like your choice of clothing in these last 3 pin ups. Also liking her updated appearance. Keep up the good work :)

  • Something new:

    Te pullover is a test with Normal- Bump and displacement maps:

    Another swimsuit:

  • Thank you, i see if i may more, but i won't make it very often, because i like the pin up renders more. :)

  • Good start. You should explore this a bit more, see where it takes you.

  • Affect3d exclusive image.
    I had this poses long time ago in my library, but never used them.
    I had another idea in mind, but this the result and is only pubished here.
    Pose is a V4 pose, edited for Gen2.
    Especially the hand around the breast.

  • Cool images! There's a little bit of speckleness going on in some of your images. That can easily be fix in any photo program running a de-noiser on it. Helps to clean out images of unwanted dust spots.

  • A couple render
    Eva and Kytana

  • A remake of Eva after i reinstalled Windows, Kytana will follow soon, because need the chracters for the calender. :)

  • Thank you :)

  • outfits changes too, more white/black play, well seen.

  • Thank you :)

    A small update:
    Eva has her Face back, i like this face, because it is her slosest to the V4 that i can get atm. The body of Eva is now Gen 2 only, without any V4 mophs or Evas old body.

    Kytana has her V4 Skin.

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  • This looks incredible. Looks like a photo imo

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