Why record hacked on Cash App Customer Service Phone Number?

  • In the event that you get a call from programmers that request to share an OTP or some data of Cash app account, at that point keep away from it. Indeed, they anticipate themself as a Square app bolster colleague. Yet, I am clearing you, Square Cash app support never calls you to ask any record subtleties. For additional questions, use Cash App Customer Service Phone Number.

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  • I'm pretty sure it was just a test.

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  • Not 100% but this could be a bonus scene being added in to the DLC for Girlfriends 4 ever.

    That or its a very early preview of something we can expect in 'Evil Nuns', one of Miros future projects.

  • @'IBT':

    miro did that … so yes.

    Thanks, I found it! :rolleyes:

  • miro did that … so yes.

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