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  • If you're going to be making a futa from scratch, even if you're aiming for Supro's suggestion of a "modest" cock size of 9-10 inches, it would probably be a good idea to actually build for a much larger size (such as 16-20 inches) simply so that you have the capability of going upwards if you ever want to make use of it (for Evil Twins™, dream sequences, and so on). Reason I say this is because it's always a lot easier to shrink things and have them still look good than it is to blow them up and have them still look good. Any photoshop jockey can tell you that expanding an image can only go so far, while shrinking can be done with no problems most of the time.

    So simply as a matter of Keeping Options Open, aim for a build that can go larger than what you're going to need (or use) for things like boobs, butt, labia, clit, cock, balls (ie. all the usual fetishes) so that you have the flexible option of going bigger (for whatever reason) without being limited by the underlying build you'd settled on.

  • @'Evolluisionist':

    so, i plan on getting rid of some of my characters and making a completely new girl. futa most likely. after supro new girl i feel like i want to make one of my own.

    sooooo, just for the fun of it i was wondering if anyone had any ideas for a new character. just to get me creative juices going.

    A futa girl eh? :)

    Why not give her a modest sized cock? You know, like 9 or 10 inches.

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