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  • 1. one image at a time
    2. my system isnt powerfull enough to do both so while an image renders i go browse forums, watch youtubez & play flash games.

  • Liking the responses so far, however concerning production

    1. Do you work on one pose/image from start to finish, or switch between various wips depending on your mood or their level of difficulty?

    2. Do you render each image then start working on the next one, or do all rendering once all poses are done?

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  • my 2 cent

    1. storyline

    you should have a (short) story. brainless tunnelrunning is ok for some people but most like some sort of story. then you shoud create a roadmap for that story. divide it, do simple scribbles with paintbrush or whatever :D its waaaay easier later on

    2. details

    most of the time there is only one scenery… sometimes two or three of them. dont just paste in some presets in 10 minutes and think its fine. its not :) i spend hours and hours for the sceneries of my stories. put in many many small details here and there... even if its annoying sometimes. in the end the whole thing looks more "real"... not boring and flat.. well or whatever you wanna call it :D

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  • @'SinCyprine':

    • how many shots are expected ?
      the last lali lite is 600+ pages; a random X-Art photoset is 95 photos; the project i'm on has a meager 29 images…

    As far as I know if it's something you want to sell, 35-50+ images seems to be common


    One thing that has worked for me (but i don't always do this) is list out the iamges like a script you plan to render.

    I can send you a sample if you want, it helps keep you focused and gives a sense of beginning - end while rendering and posing. The other way, is you got a thought in your head - roll with it add hoc ;) this can lead to jumpy image sets as transitions can be too quick etc…

    I like this idea, I might try a script

    @hzr: well when I said story I really meant the sex. Watching/copying porn seems like a good way to go, although getting characters into the same positions I see in porn will be a challenge, guess I'll learn as I go along.


    But often I'll want to see the pose I've just created in some different angles to truly admire it so I end up doing too many renders.

    I do this all the time, more if you add in "zoomed in" and "zoomed out" images lol

  • As for the number of images in a set. This is what I have the most problems with. I always do too many. Well, not too many for viewers just too many for me to render in a reasonable time.

    For example, all of my sets were taking too long so I thought I'd start a new set that goes for no more than 20 images. Over a year later it has around 50 images and I'm not done yet as it has joined my list of long projects.

    Keep in mind I usually do a little bit of planning out as well. But often I'll want to see the pose I've just created in some different angles to truly admire it so I end up doing too many renders.

    I now realize that my methods are actually very inefficient and you shouldn't listen to any advise I have since it's obviously not working for me :P

  • I never really made much random pictures, every time I came up with a good idea, I rolled with it and said to myself "that would be a good series." The story just hits me as I'm in the process kinda like writing a story that is brand new for some writers write this way.

    my process is I make sure I have plenty of images and sort them out later and make the story complete. Sometimes I will look at a series of images and think I should pose them this way to make this scene more interesting. So often I go back to what I've already done and tweak the story alil bit. So lots of saving whenever i am making a set, i probably have over 20 different scenes saved for one set so I can go back if I need to add something to the story.

    Odds are most artists roll with an idea just like a writer would. Ideas can come from anywhere really, I've had ideas pop up just by watching random movies and tv shows. Once I'm nearing the end of the imageset I number all pics and look thru them from start to end to observe the flow.

  • Here is my usual course of action.

    I let my brain work out some mad storyline with all kinds of embellishments and throw in a random funny moment. Then I start thinking about where the stuff should play and take a look around the available assets on the market. I mostly just check out the DAZ and Renderosity stores to see if there are ready made scenes to be used as backdrops. If there is nothing to be found there, the search goes on at other cgi ressources (which often will be more expensive though), with the last option being Warehouse3D by Google, which is not so bad in many cases, you can find some good models there if you look closely enough.

    Once I have my scenery set with everything I need there is always that phase of tweaking things around, adding additional stuff in Cinema4D and making it look a little nicer than it would with just Poser or Daz Studio.

    This above step usually takes between a day to a week, depending how easy it is to find all the stuff you need, or building it myself when its not too complicated.

    Before going deep into the story stuff I usually have that moment of revelation where it dawns on my that this is not a hollywood movie but a porn scene, so there I usually take out most of the big ass story and try to reduce it to the bare minimum and leave in some kind of a "moral of the story" or at least some funny moment so that the whole thing doesnt feel completely barren. Trust me, I would love to add alot of story and really cool stuff, especially when looking at all the great ideas by Erogenesis, but for me personally it just takes too much time to pull this off without spending a year or so per series. I still have no idea how he manages to get this stuff done so quickly as I really struggle to stay below 4 months in total to complete a series when trying to get the best possible result.

    Then when you finally have your tiny storyline you best go and watch some porn scenes. Note down the time of each of the poses that you really like, or think that people probably would like alot. Or take screenshots while watching and save them all in one folder so you can later on easily access them in a sequence. After you have assembled a good amount of poses you begin to go through them and look for those which you think will work best and are not too hard to do for your amount of posing skill and then you just go for it and pose them.

    Dont worry about the story stuff at the start, just make sure to get the porn poses look sexy. That is the most important part anyways. A storyline in those sets is always second fiddle to the sex, it works well if it is either a naughty little situation that makes the brain work out all kinds of dirty thoughts or if its something funny etc, but no matter how much effort you give, it will never be the next big story and chances are that most people either hate it or find it totally cheesy anyways.

    Once the porn poses are done, make sure to do your storyline poses and some inbetween poses where the figures move from one place to the next, or exchange some words etc, to get a sense of motion in your image set.

    That is all the help I can offer. I am by no means a pro in this stuff so take all my pointers with a grain of salt as there are far more qualified ppl to ask :)

  • One thing that has worked for me (but i don't always do this) is list out the iamges like a script you plan to render.

    I can send you a sample if you want, it helps keep you focused and gives a sense of beginning - end while rendering and posing. The other way, is you got a thought in your head - roll with it add hoc ;) this can lead to jumpy image sets as transitions can be too quick etc…

    i try to get 75 iamges in a set and generally offer up 2 versions 1 all iamges and 1 with same iamges but + text overlay/story

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  • yup, what fred asks.
    more specifically:

    • how many shots are expected ?
      the last lali lite is 600+ pages; a random X-Art photoset is 95 photos; the project i'm on has a meager 29 images…

    • what format is expected ?
      back to lali, its a pdf. an X-Art set are just pictures. the project i build is images & a small flash telling the story.

  • I think the best way is to look at how other artists do their image sets to find what style you want to follow. Then all you need to do is come up with a scenario and a set piece.

    Of course when you delve deeper into story aspects it's not as simple, but for a first set I'd pick some characters, throw them in a scene and do some establishing shots and then crank out some poses. At least that's how all of my first sets went down. Now I am working on too many different things at the same time so now I have projects all over the place. It's still really fun to swap between projects though. Keeps things fresh. But that's a different story.

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