Steps To Setup Canon Pixma MG 2520 Printer

  • Find instructions on how to set up the Canon PIXMA MG2520 setup printer and also the way to reset the printer to manufacturing unit settings.

    The next step in the Canon Pixma Mg 2520 Setup is to get the entry to the router connection button.

    The next is in order to get entry to factors to function an automated connection button categorized “WPS” which stands for Wi-Fi Protected Setup.
    This process of the Canon PIXMA MG2520 setup is to connect the device together PIXMA MG2520 to connect with your wireless.

    This technique is via far the most effective manner of connecting your PIXMA MG2520, so in case your get entry to factor has a WPS button, please choose the ‘WPS Connection Method’ tab under for commands on connecting the use of this approach.

  • See the sound like a pretty decent starting point ty Evollutionist. Ill look into it

  • @'Mizugetsu':

    wow thanks guy i appreciate the discussion.

    things are taking a pretty sizeable swerve into the gonzo now, Jenette i have decide will be my first and i think only futa character permanently there other Alexis, Kate, Leanne will be vivacious ladies until Magic or Experiment Morphs then into …......

    how ever i'm worst than SHITE at skining and texturing so can anyone point in the direction of a decent tutorial as i need to get Jenette's Wang looking as good as the rest of her.

    what i usually do is just take the texture from the body and put in on the dick, through photoshop i mean. not sure if that is the best way but it works for me.

  • wow thanks guy i appreciate the discussion.

    things are taking a pretty sizeable swerve into the gonzo now, Jenette i have decide will be my first and i think only futa character permanently there other Alexis, Kate, Leanne will be vivacious ladies until Magic or Experiment Morphs then into …......

    how ever i'm worst than SHITE at skining and texturing so can anyone point in the direction of a decent tutorial as i need to get Jenette's Wang looking as good as the rest of her.


  • @'Jimjim':

    Looks nice, But I think you forgot to dial the nipples on :)

    oh yea, those are the most important parts of ero renders…


  • Looks nice, But I think you forgot to dial the nipples on :)

  • It's a matter of taste, really.

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  • @'aguinness':

    The background doesn't need to be less "invasive." It works fine as is. Perhaps the actual problem is the low lighting on the model, which does seem to be the case here.

    These things work in conjuction with each other. If you want to keep low lighting - change the background to be less vivid - if you want to keep your background - make the lights brighter, give the scene more contrast.

  • The background doesn't need to be less "invasive." It works fine as is. Perhaps the actual problem is the low lighting on the model, which does seem to be the case here.

  • I agree with Aspect about the cosmic image in the Alexis pic. It's very dynamic but it draws the attention away from the lovely lady. Maybe a more subtle image would work a little better. I think you should also give her left leg and foot a more relaxed pose. Otherwise, great job! :)

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  • Welcome!
    Janette looks really good and in the previous render with Alexis I would only change the cosmic background to a little "less invading" you know, it's just draws too much attention I think.
    Keep it up, I want to see more :)

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  • I think Jenette looks good! Keep experimenting, you shall like it here


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