Best b schools for finance in india

  • Are you searching for the best business school in Hyderabad then visit IMT HYDERABAD it is one of the best b schools finance in India. The institute was well known by a group of young, self-motivated and dedicated professionals with the main aim of providing the right guidance, training, and development of graduates into livewire, dynamic professionals, that too at the most affordable fee structure. Developing budding managers, with the right blend of Management education, personality, and interpersonal skills.

  • One of my earliest movie memories is watching an 80's B-movie called cherry 2000, in particular the scene where the main character is in the store that sells the sex droids

    I wouldnt think twice about owning a relatively realistic looking sex droid, as long as it wasnt "sentient" because that would freak me out, just programmable and upgradable, and most importantly SAFE to use!

    They will eventually exist, but not in my lifetime :( which really upsets me

  • Kinda with the EDI and Joker thing, except that EDI is a fully aware and functional AI. I think the android thing is more a of tool then a individual, for the most part.

  • have anyone played mass effect 3? it kinda reminds me of EDI and joker :P

  • Its an interesting concept thats for sure. Provided they don't dip into the uncanny valley and provide a realistic enough experience, why not I guess. No different than getting down with a toy, its just a bigger more expensive one.

    If they had ones that could provide higher functions (do chores, speak, dress themselves), it could be a very viable substitute for a partner. If they ever become "affordable" it could drastically affect our society. Why bother with a real relationship where you have to compromise when you can have an android do whatever you want?

  • For me I wouldn't call it a fetish but if we had the technology to create something like Spike's Buffybot (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) I'd certainly be happy. :)

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