Steps To Recover Forgot Password

  • The first step is to go to AOL mails and click the forgot AOL password hyperlink simply beneath the password textual content field on the signup shape.

    The next web page will ask for the emails and names for verification.

    The next step is where the user will be asked about the questions for the password recovery Here you need to answer the alternative emails address or you need to provide the date of birth for the recovery of forgot AOL password.

    The next step is to click submit.

    Now in the next steps, you need to answer the secret question and then click on the submit option for the forgot AOL password recovery procedure.

    Enter and retype the new password for confirmation. Click Submit.

  • A repository, to Epochs point would really help, I spend a lot of time dealing with this and most of it is sending and resending information and many times to the incorrect place then trying to figure out who to sen the request to.

  • @'hibbli':

    is there any email address i can send links of my pirated stuff directly? i have some fanbois that are busy finding it everywhere :)

    Yes. Just email [email protected] with the links and we'll take care of it.

  • is there any email address i can send links of my pirated stuff directly? i have some fanbois that are busy finding it everywhere :)

  • I'd like to propose that we start a vendor thread for those of us who do our own DMCA/EUCD work as well, in an attempt to have a central repository for contacting the proper people to have content removed. In my years battling piracy, I have amassed a list of popular piracy websites as well as the best ways to threaten these pirates. I've discovered great websites for doing WHOIS searches, getting around Cloudflare's bullshit, and getting content pulled directly from websites who are hosting your content elsewhere with file sharing services. It could be the most useful sticky for vendors, as many of us like to look for our own stuff since it is simply faster (let's face it… you always have your own interests at heart the most; waiting for a third party to get content removed is better done by yourself if you care about it).

    Not saying your service is not useful. Redundancy in that respect is critical to staying on top of the never-ending appearance of pirated content. I'm just looking for a better way to share our 'tricks of the trade', so to speak, as well as contact email addresses for file hosts, websites, government agencies in the EU, etc. that work in getting your copyrighted content removed quickly and painlessly.

    Let me know what you think.

  • awesome ! :D

  • Thanks, that's a great service!

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