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  • That animation is awesome man. Awesome work! Gonna have to keep an eye out for more new stuff of yours for sure.

  • Hey all I've posted a bunch of renders at

  • Nice work indeed…love the animation.

  • Awesome work! Really nice animation too!

  • Updated animation fixed many errors.

  • I don't see anything

  • @'magicman':

    [amoff][/amoff] the divx player doesn't work for me so here is the URL.

    That was pretty cool.

  • Should work now. Currently re-rendering.

  • Password required.

  • [amoff][/amoff] the divx player doesn't work for me so here is the URL.

  • Done an animation that should be checked out!

    Preview image


  • [attachment=2592][attachment=2593]

    Been working on a project. Please let me know what you think.

    Still working on the "magic" rendering looks pretty boring at the moment.

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