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  • Finally decided to take the plunge.
    The question in order today is pricing.

    • How much do you charge ?
    • Did you raise your prices since you started taking commissions ?

    I've been picking Hibbli's brain (ty Hibbli !) and i want your take on it. Hopefully it will serve others who want to take the plunge as well.

  • That's funny. I did a commission for a guy that wanted his fiancee getting gangbanged right before they were getting married.

  • ^ one guy wanted me to do pictures of his wife being raped by animals on her wedding day

    I politely declined :D

  • I've had a few customers come my way that requested if I could do full likenesses of RL people.
    I found that working with them became a real pain cause there's a certain point in 3D where you can't make a fully realistic exact match of a person. Also it gets a little creepy looking over someone's photos trying to match their face. Lord knows what the client is doing with them.
    Case in point. Last year I did a commission for a client that wanted a 3D model of his fiancee having sex with a large black man. I spent a few days getting her likeness down but the client was never happy with the over all image.
    However, when I'm commissioned to do digital painting pieces, it becomes a bit easier. Maybe its just the style that allows me to do better matches in 2d as opposed to 3D. However as of late, I don't accept commissions like that.
    In all, I've only had 2-3 clients burn me when it comes to payment. The rest have been great and often come back many more times!

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  • long story short:

    commissions faq

    never got scammed until now, but i am also very picky with commissions. generally i dont like it but those i take i do with passion and not just because of the money. i guess thats the key and if you think my prices are high, i always got very nice tips additionally, never left a client unsatisfied :)

    i never declare commissions, they go onto my private account which is seperated to my business account for webshops, licenseers and and and. only thing you have to care for is that people pay as donation or you tell them a text to paste in there like "hey old friend, here you got your money back :)"

  • I'd like to know a bit more (read as "everything") about this as I've been approached for commission.

    Anybody want to give the specifics about the content of a "Commission document"

    So far all I have is

    1. Base price for single character+additionals.

    2. Allowed subject matter/ what I can actually make

    3. Payment method

    Anything I need to add?

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