How Do I Connect HP Printer to My Wi-Fi Router?

  • HP printer is way more than just a printing device that has been incorporated with several features you might not know properly. Some users, for the last couple of days, have been complaining about how to connect hp printer to Wi-Fi. If you can’t find where the feature is to connect to the Wi-Fi network, it is recommended to reach us at our service executive for manual assistance.

  • Seems like the right thread to ask this.

    With the GenX2 it's says that it works with Poser, (in it's list of features anyways), but I'm loath to drop almost 50$ on the product/s and it not work with Poser or very well with Poser.
    Does anyone have any experience using it with Poser? If so how complicated is it? I saw a tutorial video for Daz (Looked fairly easy and simple.)
    I'm wondering if it works basically the same inside poser (if at all) or am I going to have to do some convoluted steps of transferring morphs from V4 to G1 to G2 in Daz then convert them to Poser or something.
    I already understand that at bare minimum I'll have to transfer morphs from V4 to G1 to G2, I'm not really worried about that.

    Anyways any input would be appreciated.

  • did you ever encounter that error ?

    Could not load intermediate source file.
    Error creating morph from clone.

    i've (re)installed daz4.7 and in the process did radical clean up of the runtime. did i miss something ?

    beh, i though i could do without Genesis (the 1st ) and hadnt reinstalled it; but obviously GenX2 goes from v4 to G to G2F so… keep your genesis :)

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  • I am using GenX2 with the Gen 2 plug in, you may have to edit the faces a bit, but it works great. I converted some Characters from V4 to Gen 2 myself, and it worked fine. The characters will be part of the Gen 2 moprhs and don't need any injectors to work.

  • There's also a GenX pluggin for G2 as well. I can;t Remember then name but i know it exists. I still havn't gotten around to converting my characters yet. One day.

  • Gen-X is probably your best chance. I've converted a few V4 characters to Genesis with it … but, to be honest, I don't recall seeing a V4 -> G2F plug in for it as of yet (website is down so I can't check at the moment). But I believe you could convert V4 to Genesis, then Genesis to G2F with the Transfer Utility without too much trouble.

    The characters may still need a bit of fine tuning as, even though Gen-X does a great job, the transferred morphs won't be 100% identical.

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