MotD 379: Eclesi4stik: Riven

  • affect3d_eclesi4stik_rivenopt

    Today's Media Of The Day comes from Ecleisi4stik and has an ambiance all of it's own.

    Here we see this cutie standing before us, but despite the “closed” nature of her arms being folded her face welcomes us and invites us to come closer. Is the reddish glow her nubile body is bathed in coming from a sunset outside the building or from a roaring fire just out of frame? We can only be sure here's never a bad time of day to look at her.

    Visit this artists blog to see more of Eclesi4stiks ever expanding range of beauties, check out their creative works thread here at Affect3D, and if you still haven't had your fill then take a look at the artists image sets in the Affect3D Store!

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