How Would Facebook Help To Report Fake Facebook Account?

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  • thats why i said trying to flame a war :D

  • Ok ok i will begin with

    weightlifting: why that only because of one person: samantha wright

    Second is Woman Volleyball: You know why? Spandex shorts and iron hard trained butts.

    Third is Woman Soccer, but that´s because i have a frend play it and i´m happy for her passion in playing it and i´m happy for the team.

    I for myself choose sport in fitness center to get my body stronger and i hope i will get strong without looking like a bodybuilder..-.-!
    I want to fight grizzlys on a mounten ^^
    But fucking hell, dit anyone of you entered a fitness center… i mean it´s pure horror for a man .. so much perfect looking woman there.. it´s so hard to train if you look around...-.-! woman are bad .. realy bad and they know it what they do to you.

    in honor katzekage

  • Absolutely, I was just giving you a hard time. The sport is easy to approach by all, which I think helps. All you need is a ball. The rules are relatively easy, requires no special equipment if you were looking to get a pick up game going.

  • well u can always have rugby or fighting sport, but u have to agree even with all the flaws it has, there is something magical about football that makes the entire world loving it :3, something that no other sport ever did…

  • American Football, you know the one where people don't flop around and fake being injured (@ myself : P ). Its quick, tactical, and violent. So many aspects of this sport that I love it would take the better part of a day to put it in writing. Its also a ton of fun to play.

    Ultimate Frisbee, one of the most fast paced sports out there. Constant running, throwing and catching. Fun to play and watch.

  • ….. thats too booring, :P i know im being selfish but i had to say it XD

  • I like watching snooker on tv, big tournament in the uk at the moment, something about the pace of that game just hypnotizes me, plus because the matches are so long I can do other things like shopping or cleaning without really missing anything

  • football !!!!!

    ps: worldwide football, not the silly american one :P (trying to flame a war :3)

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