What is the limit to spend money? Call Cash App Customer Service?

  • Cash app allows you to spend $250 in 7days period and $1000 in 30 days. You can increase this limit as per your requirement, but before it, you have to verify your identity via providing your full username, date of birth, last four digits of SSN. You can also use $Cashtag to make transactions. For more info, use Cash App Customer Service.

  • Ah this is excellent, thanks for the forum and information :)

  • Yeah the google calendar is weird as I set all vendors to view it, but it doesn't appear for some reason. While we get that working, I'll be updating the calendars here.

    Make sure to see if there's an update on the first post before reserving a date. I added a new title for the month of August (Nova on the 20th).

  • Good idea! I got the mail, but haven't seen any entries in the calendar as well.

  • thanks, that helps alot :) i got the mail but saw no entries, but maybe i am just too dumb, never used it before :)

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