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  • Sometimes I think I got stuck at 16… uh, I mean 19. Forever young... well, there are situations that requires me to act like an adult... but most of times is enough being a 19 years old adult. I think it will be that way until I have children.

  • It depends really. When at work, or shopping, I tend to act more mature for my age. Always speaking properly, ensuring I'm polite and sensible.

    But with friends and family, I act younger, that's when I feel I'm part of the 'Forever 18' crowd, even it it feels much more difficult to keep that kind of pace these days.

  • I think I act much older than I am mostly. But when I'm with closest friends or with family, sometimes I loose my shit and act like I'm 8 again xD

  • I refuse to act my age, and I will not ever ever! :dodgy:

    :D I am mature on certain things, like work, but when it comes to my everyday life, I'm a joker, the username is not just a name, I really am a jester :sleepy:

    then again I joke around at work to, fuck it. :P

  • I will be 18 forever, this is due to my childish nature. I don't think its a bad thing though, I'm easily entertained and believe at every point in life if your not having fun then why bother?

    I don't know, hard to explain I guess… also I will play hockey until the day I die so I better stay young lol

  • I'm the forever young type. I've never been completely wild so my demeanor is always pretty calm. When I say forever young it's because I don't care much for the "I'm too old for that" line older people start to use.

    I like to run, jump, kick, climb, fight…etc. The day I'm too old to do something will be the day I simply can't do it. It won't be because I've reached some kinduva invisible age related milestone in which I'm supposed to just say I can't do that shit anymore.

    I'm not going to reveal my age, but I can say that I'm solidly into middle age. But when people that don't know me try to guess my age, they usually say early to mid 20's. The way I carry myself, the way I look, the energy I have...I'm just youngish. And I believe it's because of the way I look at aging. It isn't something I use like a "good excuse" to be lazy or lack passion. My appetite for learning and being physically fit is the same as it was when I was in college and it shows.

  • I was an old man since my teens, but find myself regressing.

  • I've always been really mature for my age. I was still doing all kinds of crazy stuff when I was young, but I was always very mature for my age.

  • I will be 18 till I die, but I can be reasonable and chilled, so I hope it is a good mix of sorts :)

  • I tend to act older, but I have my… regressions.

    While I'm online all bets are off!

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