How do I come out from Quicken error ol-294-a?

  • When my Quicken prevents receiving the right information from the preferred financial institution server while one -step update process, I am seriously experiencing Quicken error ol-294-a. This error code takes place, while working on Quicken. I am not able to access my Quicken account due to the occurrence of this error code. I don’t have enough knowledge to find out the major reasons of this error code, so I want to take online help from certified Quicken experts. It is really a difficult job for me, so I look for expert help. So anyone can suggest the simple ways to sort out this error code as soon as possible.

  • The problem is that net neutrality conflicts with many of the services that we demand, such as YouTube and Netflix for video streaming… at least the ISP's will have us believe that.

    In order for Netflix, for example, to keep a consistent and high quality stream to your home they need either more bandwidth or higher priority than other web traffic from the source all the way to the destination (your house). This problem could be addressed one of two ways:

    1. The ISP's carry the cost burden to widen the internet 'pipes' for all (neutral)
    2. The service provider (Netflix) carries the cost by leasing additional bandwidth or other network optimizations from the ISP's (not neutral)

    Both of these options means the consumers will eventually bear the cost, either through increased internet subscription bills, or through increased Netflix subscription bills. One of them benefits the internet ecosystem as a whole, and the other benefits only certain companies / service providers.

    Currently in the US, ISP's are charging service providers for better/faster connections to the end users. Netflix pays real money to ISP's in order for their video quality to be decent and stutter-free HD. That means that a small competitor, Joe's Video Service, cannot compete with Netflix because they can't afford to have the same quality of service.

    The question I have though is this: if we support neutrality and decide that it's best to keep increasing the pipes for all, and doing so at a rate that allows Netflix and all others to keep doing business, will it be sustainable? Will the cost be too much?

  • I posted up that video on cable company fuckery a few weeks back on the Staff Picks. Seriously, I love that show.

    And yes, it's gonna be an issue if the cable companies get their ways. Especially since they're the only ones supporting it while internet companies like Amazon and Google are saying nope.

  • Telekom tried that in Germany a year ago, you have limit size a real flat and then you have less speed and only "premium" sites can still have the full bandwith and of course telekom services so that others would get more or less banned or have to pay a lot. you know?
    As far as I know it get cancelled by court.

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