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  • One of the most downloaded Digi-payments apps in this world is Cash app. But if you unable to download it, then it can primarily be because of simple and plain reason and that is poor internet connectivity. So fix the net connectivity. But if that doesn’t help, then call to Cash App Customer Service.

  • I loved MacGyver as a little kid. I love that generalized knowledge, to be able to tinker with stuff. I'd like to think I've macgyver'd anything I damn well please. This is one of my odd-job areas of expertise where it has served me well. I have an extensive level of experience.

    –I fix VCRs. More and more often now I either have to improvise with scotch tape, paper clips and stuff, I have to use stuff just lying around, or I have to cannibalize parts from elsewhere--you'd be surprised what people throw out!!!
    --I've fixed power supplies and power adapters. I can repurpose an old ATX PSU into a general use power supply, or a cheap lab or general power supply.
    --I fixed the carburetor (with help) leak of my old '85 honda accord. Gave it another 8 months of life...then the engine blew up because it was so old (a month shy of its 22nd birthday).
    --I've repurposed old medical lasers (I mostly get Co2, Helium Neon or "HeNe", diode, and occasionally argon ion).
    --I occasionally get asked to take care of broken DVD players and similar, or at the least recover the disc.
    --I fix microwaves. And ones I can't, I can use the components for other things. (dead magnetron means free ring magnets, high voltage capacitors, transformers, various electrical or electronic items). Ones I fix, I can resell with little worry.
    --I could fix/replace calculator pushbuttons--or pushbuttons of really of anything.
    --I have opened NES cartridges to replace the batteries for the savegame memory. Hell if I knew 6502 assembly I could probably reprogram them (--I've read the primer and it isn't pretty).
    --I've assisted musicians in repairing their vacuum tube amplifiers. Unlike semiconductors, I must say vacuum tubes are pretty robust.
    --I have done plastic works and fixed clear acrylic pastry cabinets. Or at least the broken parts. I mean if I once built a gas tight box for a nitrogen laser, it's really no problem to replace the joint block of a door.

    My highschool theater building I know quite well, and I mean the inside of the ventilation system too. ...I even learned how to do break-ins because the janitors were dropping the ball some mornings. --Hey, YOU try having a zero period TV production class starting pre production when most other students are only waking up. When it's below freezing outside and you've been waiting half an hour and you have a broadcast in 15 minutes, you have to improvise! I take this knowledge with me not to commit crime, but to glean more intimate knowledge of a building's inner workings for repairs, appraisals, estimates, and of course diagnostics. Possibly other "need to get in" situations.

    I don't know if I can answer any questions you might have but go ahead and ask away.

  • I once fixed the remote for a friend's TV with a paperclip, because the contact in it was broken. I got the MacGyver award from my friends for that… :P

  • I got a girl to marry me with a piece of metal and a stone.

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