How to Unblock Someone on Gmail Platform?

  • To know how to unblock someone on Gmail, after login to your account, go through the settings icon. Under the “Settings,” you must go select the option – Filter and blocked addresses. Thus unblocking anyone you want under this column becomes easy. However, if you need any assistance, it is advisable to get connected with our certified Gmail expert team.

  • Case of Sexual Harassment:

    Location: Production Based Plant.

    Issue: Myself and this girl had been seen fooling around by bystanders two production lines over. The lead from said line brought up a case of sexual harassment NOT against me and the girl, but against my line lead (some kind of personal vendetta).

    It was near Christmas, my line-lead had just recently moved into a new fixer-upper, and his wife was pregnant. It was made very clear that he would be fired if he had allowed that kind of activity to occur on his line due to a zero tolerance policy.

    It had been made known to us (members of my line) that we were going to be questioned about the situation. Before any of us could be questioned, I convinced the entire line to lie.

    Had they simply been going after myself and the girl, I would have told the truth, but there was no way I was going to let my line lead suffer for our behavior. Any admittance to guilt meant my line leads job.

    So pretty much because of me, we all lied. We saved my line-leads job, and the girl and myself were moved to different lines. I consider it the biggest lie I've ever told because not only did I lie, I convinced others to lie as well.

    Since then I've always looked upon that old saying "Honesty is the best policy" with pause. I'm a very honest person, but I won't let others suffer for things I've done.

  • i didnt kill my wife !
    i swear, she fell on the knife
    couldnt have been me,
    i was in the neighbourg's daughter, very busy

    (poem on the fly, feel free to add up to it)

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