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  • @'miro':

    gay or dick girl + man is fine to post here, my personal preference has nothing to do with it :)

    same here, but would probably do that as comission…but don't do comissions...never get asked for one^^

  • administrators

    gay or dick girl + man is fine to post here, my personal preference has nothing to do with it :)

  • We previously had this discussion about featuring gay artwork on the site. We have no issue with featuring it on the site and most people feel the same way (though they would like an indicator to let them know it features male on male).

    Making it ourselves, on the other hand, is different. Most artists like to do what they feel interested in doing. If they're not interested in doing DG on Man or Man on Man, then that's their decision. Hell, I've spoken with a few artists who were not interested in doing futanari in general, so preferences can vary between people about what they do or don't.

    If there's an artist that's fine with showcasing gay artwork on the site or even selling a product in the Affect3D Store, I would have no issue with that (as long as the artwork hits our quality standard).

  • I'm sorry your preferences aren't being satisfied, but I think artists also like to be "interested" in the work they're creating. It would be hard to work on something day after day that you really just weren't into or interested in. Miro's a great artist so I can understand why you'd want to see him create works that suit your tastes, but I'm just not sure if he can…/shrug.

    Would I personally like to see that kind of thing?...not really, it doesn't suit my tastes. If you are asking if I believe that kind of stuff should be allowed on the site, I'd say yes (in the name of fairness), but It would be something I'd avoid. In this case I'm just going to remain neutral. I sympathize with your desire, but some of the stuff you are looking for I just don't want to see and I'm not willing to be a proponent for it nor am I willing to shut you out.

    Many sex sites cater to only a few tastes, Most dojo's specialize in just one type of martial art, Many higher education schools are centered around just one field of study... The offerings for this site are pretty much centered around Miro's tastes.

    Just the way it is sometimes.

  • i dont believe its miro's decision (for the forum i mean) nor a ban, its just that none of the creators here do and none have shown up yet.
    on DA, check out

  • There is, it just isn't here for the same reason there isn't yaoi here. Doesn't matter if you had a 9000 to 1 vote in favor of it though, miro just isn't interested in it so it's not gonna happen.

    There are plenty of artists out there that do it though.

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